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Yoga for the Back an 8 Week Series

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Has your doctor told you to do yoga for your back pain? A quick google search will show pictures of people in impossible poses standing on their heads with their legs stretched out everywhere. While doctors frequently tell patients to go to yoga, little is explained or understood about what types of classes to go to.

All yoga is not created equal. Yoga can be great for the back but in large group settings without a specific intention to focus on the back, especially for people with existing back pain, injury, confusion, and possibly longer term aggravation can ensue.

Yoga for the back is an 8 Week Series designed specifically for people who are looking for a gentle exercise to gently stretch and strengthen the back in a group setting.

What makes this series different than other yoga classes:

  • This course is designed specifically for people with back pain, incorporating slow and easy transitions between postures that are safe for the back.

  • This course focuses on not only the back but other issues that can cause back pain such as a weak core or tight hamstrings or hips.

  • The other participants while they may have other issues, they also are interested in classes that are slow and gentle for the back.

  • You'll be in good company.

  • The classes are well balanced and incorporate repetition from one week to the next with some minor variations so participants can learn the postures to practice at home.

Who should take this course:

  • People have experienced back pain and have been cleared by the doctor to take gentle yoga classes

  • People who have sciatica and have been cleared by the doctor to take gentle or restorative yoga classes.

  • People who have experienced back pain and are looking for a more holistic approach to pain management.

  • People who experience sciatica or issues with the piriformis

Who should not take this course:

  • People who cannot get up and down off the floor. While we will not do fast transitions, many postures are done on the floor. If you cannot get on the floor, please contact us about being added to our Interest list for chair yoga.

  • People who are in such severe pain than moving, in general, is challenging. For those with pain on a level ten, we highly recommend Private Yoga where we can work safely and communicate throughout the class for your individual needs.

  • People who have discussed taking yoga with their doctor and their doctor has told them not to do any physical activity. We do not provide refunds should a doctor inform a student not to take this course.

What’s Included

  • Eight 75 minute sessions

  • Manual*

*Please note, to decrease our carbon footprint as well as keep prices as affordable as possible we supply used books. If you would like a new copy, please let us know and we can add a $15 service charge for the new book.

This series is not intended to treat, diagnose, or replace any therapy provided for back pain. Please consult with your doctor before enrolling.

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