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Yoga 102

$79Purchase required to enroll

Have you been attending yoga classes and kind of get it......and kind of still don't.

If the rest of the class seems to be breezing through sun salutations and you're still trying to remember where your feet and hips are going much less breathing, this series is perfect.

Yoga 102 follows our Yoga 101 series, although not a requirement. This series is perfect for those who have started a yoga practice but are still learning and would like to practice in an environment where it's cool to ask questions such as:
  • "Hey! What's this pose called?"
  • "What wraps where?"
  • "Ouch this hurts, what else can I do?"
  • "I don't know what I'm doing and I'm not sure if my body bends that way......now what?"
In addition, to each class building upon the previous with an explanation of poses in bite-size chunks, this series will:
  • Teach more challenging postures step by step
  • Review a Classical and Sun Salutation A
  • Incorporate and build upon Sun Salutation B
  • Incorporate stress reduction techniques with essential oils

Cancellation policy Please be advised we do not offer refunds, cancelations, pro-rating, or exchanges for our series regardless of reason. Thank you for supporting your local small business!
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